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CMSE is a coordinating organisation of departments and research groups.

CMSE aims at a cooperation in the field of materials science and the further development of this domain at the Ghent University via activities on different levels. These activities include : education, research in the field of materials science and the industrial applications as well as services to the industry.
- organisation of seminars and specialised short trainings, possibly in cooperation with the Institute for Permanent Education ("Instituut voor Permanente Vorming, IVPV")
- general training activities related to materials science
- improving the image of programmes in the framework of materials science
- stimulating the materials science research on doctoral and post-doctoral level in the fields: metals,   (bio)polymers, textiles, ceramic materials, composites, cement related materials, electronics, etc. The aim is to study and develop new materials, find new applications of existing materials and optimisation of materials
- stimulating the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research
- development of a common research infrastructure
Relation University (Ghent University) and materials science intensive industries

An interactive relation with the industry will be established on the basis of:
- publication of a newsletter on the working, the service and research capacities of the centre
- contacts with the industry
- developing a performing and high-level scientific service to the industry