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Department TW05: Information Technology

- Opto-electronics
- High frequency and microwave materials
- Acoustics
Actual research domains concerning materials technology:

- opto-electronic components, in particular in III-V semiconductors
- integration and packaging technologies for opto-electronic and optical components, in particular   interfaces to glass and plastic optical fiber
- microstructuring of materials by means of laser ablation
- measurement of elctromagnetic properties of materials for use in high frequency and microwave   applications (a.o. absorbers for EMC applications, use in lenses, substrates for antennas and boards, civil   construction materials
- interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological materials
- study of acoustic noise absorbing materials and structures

Specific test equipment and/or available techniques:

- excimer and CO2 laser ablatioin
- clean rooms with microelectronic technologies (lithography, metallisation, deposition and etching of   dielectrics and semiconductors, epitaxial growth)
- techniques for termination and fusing of optical fibres
- various measurement set-ups for optical and opto-electronic materials and components
- 3 impact facilities (1 vertical set up, 2 pneumatic accelerators; masses ranging from 10 g to 5 kg,   velocities from 0 to 200 m/s)
- 2 Hopkinson set ups for high strain rate material testing (tension and compression)
- 2 high speed cameras (1 rotating drum camera with film speeds up to 200 m/s, 1 framing camera   allowing up to 1 million images/s)
- ultrasonic scan installation with six degrees of freedom- small autoclave and filament winding machine for   the production of fibre reinforced parts
- different lasers (among which one pulsed laser), light sources and cameras for optical deformation   measurements
- 5 tribometers for friction, lubrification and wear testing (2 rotating, 2 reciprocating and 1 large-scale   reciprocating facility)


- ZAP: 14
- OAP: 6
- Ind.Ing: 3
- Other ATP: 6
- PhD Students: 2
Contact Persons:

Prof. dr. ir. Roel Baets
Vakgroep INTEC
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41
B-9000 Gent, BelgiŽ
Tel.: +32 (0)9 264 3329
Fax: +32 (0)9 264 3593

Prof. dr. ir. Peter Van Daele
Vakgroep INTEC
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41
B-9000 Gent, BelgiŽ
Tel.: +32 (0)9 264 3334
Fax: +32 (0)9 264 3593