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An actual trend is the strongly increased importance of the generic domain Materials Science
in the fundamental and applied sciences. The knowledge of materials and especially of
advanced semiconductors, metals, (bio)polymers, textile materials and ceramic materials
has an important scientific value and can be highly significant from an economic and social
point of view due to the development of material-intensive products with a high added value.
In supporting and expanding a materials science centre in which the Ghent University collects
the available expertise, the Ghent University can play a determining role in the scientific and
technological innovation.

A number of departments from the Faculties Applied Sciences, Sciences, Agricultural and
Applied Biological Sciences and Medicine at the Ghent University have therefore decided to
establish the Centre for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) and to work together under
this structure. The choice for a cooperation between university departments from several
faculties in the framework of a materials science centre has following advantages :

- coherence and complementarity of training, research and scientific activities leading to a
  materials science centre as such,
- optimising the availability of existing modern laboratories, work- and conference rooms,
- the advantages of scaling-up through the coordination of common activities and services,
- undertaking of larger projects, establishing central facilities,
- build a "figure-head" for the high-level materials science research at the Ghent University,
- realising a multidisciplinary approach.