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Steering Committee CMSE
The steering committee determines the policy of the Centre for Materials Science and Engineering. In order to optimise the interfaculty cooperation, the steering committee is composed of members of all departments/research groups forming in the centre:
Department/Research Group
Prof. Kiekens TW11 Textiles
Prof. S. Hoste WE06 Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Prof. J. Degrieck TW04 Mechanical Construction and Production
Prof. R. Baets TW05 Information Technology
Prof. A. Van Calster TW06 Electronics and Information Systems
Prof. J. Melkebeek TW08 Electrical Energy, Systems and Automation
Prof. Y. Houbaert TW10 Metallurgy and Materials Science
Prof. L. Taerwe TW14 Structural Engineering
Prof. C. Leys TW17 Applied Physics
Prof. R. De Gryse WE04 Solid State Sciences
Prof. E. Schacht WE07 Organic Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry
Prof. R. Verbeeck GE11 Dentistry / Dental Materials
Prof. M. Stevens LA04 Forest and Water Management / Wood Technology
Prof. H. Nelis FW02 Pharmaceutical Analysis
Ir. Els Van der Burght